Finnmark – an overlooked gem!

We were greeted and welcomed by dogs with sleds on the runway, and this adds a new dimension to an already wonderful experience. When, in addition, a meteor swarm and the northern lights where dancing over our heads – it’s just magical! To meet a true «Finnmarking» can be an ordeal, their view of time is a little different than what we from the southern parts think! And that is exactly what makes the total experience so great, you forget about work-related stress and what time it is, we just exist and inhale all the generosity and humour «Finnmarkingen» offers us. We have the choice to stay at a standard hotel, or indulge and stay one night at a real Snow Hotel — people come from all over the world to experience just that. We can stay in small cabins with panoramic windows overlooking the northern lights, we can pull up live king crabs from a hole in the ice, and have a crab feast later in the afternoon. We got to test our driving skills on snowmobiles, we ran close to the Russian border which is just off Kirkenes. But out of all these experiences there are still some things that has a stronger hold in our mind – and that is the good host who took care of us from the time we arrived, who took us down in Andersgrotta and communicated stories so real that we felt chills in our body and tears inn our eyes. Goal achieved – we could go home to everyday life again, with a little bit of Finnmark magic intact in our soul!

Catrine Karlsen / Event Lofoten