Inspiration going places

Getting away with colleagues and friends to discover and experience something new and completely different, can be rewarding. We help you no matter if you are looking for a beach to count grains of sand without Excel, journey into the wilderness to escape the urban jungle, find a deserted place to find fellowship or find your place in a world you never knew existed. Find inspiration and it finds you.


The start of something new should be marked with something completely new. In thos cases, it can be very effective with experiences that really gets your blood pumping. If we are going in a new direction, we have to go to a new place. If we are going to start something new, we must do something new. Start at the bottom of the mountain and work your way up.

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Team building

Inspiration doesn’t favor those who sit still — you have to go there to find it. Team work and team spirit can be built in many ways. In our experience, it’s best achieved when the teams are able to participate in completely new and unfamiliar challenges — as an exciting glacier walk can provide.

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Incentive travel

Sometimes it is worthwhile to reward one or more employees with an extraordinary experience. New experiences and exciting adventures can actually be a reward in itself. In other words: a reward that pays for itself. How about a round of golf under the midnight sun.

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Company trip

A trip with colleagues you interact with every day can change everything, when life is turned upside down and filled with impressions. This is not our own assertion, but confirmed by many studies. They all conclude that the cohesion and the close relations resulting from entirely new experiences in fact are worth every penny invested. But don’t let it just be yakety-yak, rent a kayak.

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Conferences and conventions

There’s nothing wrong with hanging out at a conference hotel, eating buffet lunch and dinner and gathering in the bar at night. But how about trying something unconventional and on nature’s own terms. That will be a conference with substance. In addition, new highs will be reached and new goals can be seen in the horizon. There’s surprisingly much to learn from the oldest of all teachers. Lets’s go on RIB Seafari!

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Strategy meetings

When new plans are laid, it is often smart to hide yourself away. Here is a suggestion: Why not travel somewhere you disappear because everything around you is so vast and powerful. It may be a mountain, a sky, a forest or a city. Many see the light when the Northern Lights fires up.

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Friends trip

It’s great to get away, but the trip tends to be better when there are more of you. Weekend trip, boys trip, girls trip, friends tur — experiencing something new together forms strong ties and something new to talk about at the boring dinner parties. Spend the day at sea and end it on land with a self-caught dinner.

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Senior trip

Those who have lived the longest have experienced most. Or have they? There are certainly plenty of places you’ve never been but always wanted to visit. The advantage the older adults have is that you can go pretty much anytime you want and leave the watch and calendar behind. And there is a lot to experience, like polar bears in their own element.

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Your dream trip is not far away. Give us your contact information and you will hear from us shortly. Our hosts will make sure you get an experience that you will never forget.

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